Voice Actor Career

Voice acting is an art of providing voices to characters in films, television, video games etc. Voice acting is a talent of offering voice to radio and audio dramas. The commercials on radio and television require voice actors to advertise their products in an effective and inspiring manner. Voice actors are also required for dubbing foreign language films.

How to become a voice actor:

Voice acting is a very competitive field hence requires cautious preparations. Hire a personal instructor for a formal training in voice mechanics and methods to master dialects. There are schools offering professional courses on voice acting.

Develop the art of listening to people around you as you will require an assortment of voices during the audition. Create a demo tape to showcase your talent and get it circulated through a voice agent. Relocation to a place like Los Angeles will maximize the opportunity for a successful voice acting career.

Voice Actor career courses, training and programs:

There is no standard educational background required for a career as voice actor. Most of the aspiring voice actors get trained in stage acting. Both on-line and in-person courses are available. In addition to learning the techniques of voice acting, most courses teach students how to create an efficient demo for a self-campaign.

Aspiring voice actors should self-promote their ability by developing strong networking skills.

Voice actor career schools / colleges, education:

There are several schools and colleges offering a sound training in voice acting. Search for a well-rounded voice acting school with a team of expert tutors who will work on the core training and specialty training.  Some schools offer coaching, evaluations and training on-line via Skype.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

  • Voice acting academy
  • New York Film Academy.
  • Bang Zoom
  • Voicetrax, SF.
  • Edge Studio.

Job opportunities , salary and recruitment.

The average salary for a voice actor can be around $47.000. Payment also depends on the company, location and experience of the voice actor. Earnings will vary on what you are lending your voice for and the popularity of the voice is in the industry.

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