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There is no denying to the fact that the game of volleyball has achieved great appreciation and following in the recent period and the surge in the followers of the game in the contemporary period has been the apparent justification for this conception. This has resulted in creation of multiple career options related to the game of volleyball.

How to make a career in volleyball?

The number of sporting events which include the sport of volleyball and also the repetition frequency of such events has been on the rise in the last decade. Getting the required qualifications and then entering the domain of the requirement of these sporting events is the best feasible way of getting the jobs related to the sport of volleyball. The coaching is the most apparent job while the fitness oriented job opportunities have been on a rise. The business related to the game is handed by people concerned with the management related jobs. The technical jobs have been the result of the endeavour of making the game more competitive and transparent with the spectators.

Volleyball career: Qualification, Courses, Training:

Coaching requires certain period of experience of playing the game while the qualifications of almost all other job begin with the High school diploma. The Bachelor’s degree can be obtained relating the nature of the desired job. The Master’s degree makes the resume of the candidate impactful.

Volleyball career: Schools, Colleges and Universities:

Following are the names of some of the famous sports oriented educational institutions:

  • University of Central Florida, Orlando
  • Western Michigan University, Michigan
  • St. John’s University, New York

Volleyball career: Job opportunities, Salaries, Recruitment:

The salaries solely depend on the job type. The management related jobs usually get the highest salaries, the average being around the mark of 1200-1400$. The future of the jobs related to the sport of volleyball is vivid since the steep rise in the following indicates future increase in the frequency of the volleyball events.



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  1. RAHUL says:

    paasion of playng vollyball and cn do wht evr it cmje middle of volleyball. to tk name frnt in world of india in sports of volleyball……

  2. Tracy says:

    I love volleyball with all of my heart.i need your help with certain procedure for my dreams to becom true,im realy interested in playing volleyball. hoping to here from you soon.

  3. pooja says:

    i love playing volleyball and m a player in my school team … i wish that i will also be on place of jimmy george. he is my best player ever in my life. i will catch my dream. and one day i’ll be a best volleyball player.
    its a best sports to play !!!!!

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