Wal-Mart Pharmacist Career

A Wal-Mart pharmacist assists the customers in purchasing the right pharmacy product depending on the specifications mentioned in the doctor’s prescription. The Wal-Mart pharmacist may also help the patients to understand the frequency and proper method of usage of the medication. Candidates who would like to become Wal-Mart pharmacists should preferably pursue master degree courses in pharmacy specialized courses. The below given information is pertaining to the Wal-Mart pharmacist career.

How to become a Wal-Mart Pharmacist:

Candidates who would like to pursue the career option of a Wal-Mart pharmacist should try to opt for courses like Diploma in Pharmacy technician, BS in Healthcare administration, Associate studies in pharmacy technician, AAS in Medical Assisting, etc. Candidates are also expected to know chemistry and biology and must be familiar with medical terminology.

Wal-Mart Pharmacist career courses, training, programs:

The four year degree in retail pharmacy is a mandatory requirement in order to be eligible for the job of a Wal-Mart pharmacist. Candidates should increase their practical understanding of the concepts by getting involved in laboratory work in pharmacy subject.

Wal-Mart Pharmacist career schools/colleges, education:

Candidates can choose among the below given colleges and universities. Apart from them candidates should also try to do internship or apprenticeship from good pharmacy institutes.

Top colleges/universities:

  • Brookline College
  • Sanford – Brown University
  • Ashworth College
  • Penn Foster Career School
  • University of Phoenix

Wal-Mart Pharmacist job opportunities, salaries/pay:

Candidates who would like to contribute to the total workforce in the position of a Wal-Mart pharmacist will be able to find continuous job opportunities in popular industries like retail, drugstore, pharmacy chains, pharmaceutical retail shops, mass chain or discount sales shops, etc. It would be preferable if candidates can display minimum years of experience of 2-4 years. The Wal-Mart pharmacist can earn salaries ranging between $78,000 and $130,000. The median salary is $100,000 approximately. These salary estimates are taken from the Pay Scale website.

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