Water Engineer Career

Career description:

The job of a water engineer, as the title suggests, is centered on engineering management of water dynamics in various projects. The job is interesting, since it includes a host of assignments at different periods of time. A water engineer may advise on waste treatment of the contaminated river water and monitor procedures of recycling it in a cost-effective manner. He/she may also work on the designing of irrigation canal in a farm network at a particular location.

How to become a water engineer:

A person interested in becoming a water engineer has to have solid foundation in mathematics and fluid mechanics. He/she should have undergraduate degrees from good colleges in the field of mechanical engineering or civil engineering. .

Those who want to strengthen their understanding of advanced concepts in the field and making their prospects firmer in the job market, go for attaining a post-graduate degree from a reputed college.

Water engineer career courses, training, programs:

The training for a water engineer is very extensive in nature. Even after joining a company, there is a rigorous training session for few months on various engineering applications of the field.

The specific modules of the programs that are taught in the US are rich in practical assignments that hone the skills of the future water engineers. There are specialized courses too to choose from in order to sharpen certain skills.

Water engineer career schools/colleges, education:

The schools teaching the water engineering courses in the US are up-to-date with the curricula and have excellent facilities in the specific engineering departments, like mechanical and civil.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Rochester University

Michigan State University

Florida State University

Dartmouth College

William and Mary College

Water engineer career job opportunities, salaries/pay:

The private sector companies that specialize in various water based projects have requirements of water engineers. The public sector too has a periodical demand for the water engineers. Some of the private consulting firms in this arena recruit too. The approximate average starting pay is around $85,000 per year.

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