Water Quality Scientist Career

Water quality scientists are those professionals who are needed for the analysis of the water quality of a particular water source like surface water, ground water and drinking water. The result of their work decides whether or not the water quality matches up to the international standards set up by deciding agencies. If the water doesn’t live up to the legislative standards, then water quality scientists suggest remedies to improve the quality. They basically test samples and conduct tests on them.

How to Become a Water Quality Scientist

To become a water quality scientist, one has to be a high school pass out along with having a Bachelors degree in any field of Science, preferably Ecology, chemistry, environmental sciences, geology or microbiology. Though, it is possible to get through with just a graduation degree, but it is always better if the applicant has a Masters certificate or even the PhD degree. Applicants should have extreme knowledge of different water resources and the codes and legislations of the international laws.

Water Quality Scientist Courses, Training, Programs

A Water Quality Scientist is required to have proper knowledge and training in this field. For this, the applicant needs to successfully complete a diploma course in the relevant field. The other bright way to get the job is by training under a water quality scientist for a considerable amount of time.

TOP 5 colleges/ Universities

Georgia Institute of Technology

North Texas University

University of Iowa

University of Illinois

University of Columbia

Water Quality Scientist Job Opportunities, Salaries, recruitment

This job can fetch person big bucks but only with a lot of experience and time spent in the field. The job becomes stagnant after a few years but getting through is not a difficult process if one can clear the interview and written test with good grades. Earnings can be anything around $25000 to $40000 per year.

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