Well Drill Operator Career

The well drill operator career takes on responsibilities in drill operations.  A well drill operator may work on various types of drills to take out water, salt deposits, and mineral samples.  He drills and bore holes for blasting, anchoring or building foundations.  He also does water-well drilling operations to assess the environment.  He performs maintenance and equipment updates.  A well drill operator is responsible for depth verification, boring alignment, progress recording, data collection, drilling operation monitoring, gauge check, and assessment of drilling conditions.  He also checks on the client specifications to see if it is feasible.  He also has to determine the cost of the project. One must have an eye for detail and can solve a problem.

How to become a Well Drill Operator

To become a well drill operator, one must at least have a high school diploma or GED.  Gain experience in well drilling, well construction or pump installation under the supervision of a licensed well driller. One may enter into apprenticeships to gain relevant experience.  Gain background in well drilling, geology, map reading and other related courses.  One must have the ability and skill to resolve problems or situations encountered.  Obtain a license by passing the licensing examination administered by the state engineer.  Licensing requirements may vary from state to state.

Well Drill Operator Courses, training, programs

A well drilling course program gives one a background in geology, locating a well, well drilling and construction, pump installation, testing and disinfection, maintenance and repair, types of wells, and drilling methods.  Such background is needed for one to gain the necessary knowledge and skills for a well drill career.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Southwest Mississippi Community College, Mississippi

International School of Well Drilling, Florida

University of Nevada at Las Vegas, Nevada

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia

Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan

Well Drill Operator Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A well drill operator has an opportunity to earn an average of $42,050 depending on work location, employer, experience and benefits.  One may find employment in well drilling contractors or government agencies.

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