What is a career change

A career change is the process of undertaking a transition from the current career option into a completely new career field. If one feels that his/ her career has become stagnant, there is no satisfaction from the work, the firm is downsizing or the job market for his/ her career field has declined, all these reasons can act as the reason to undertake a career change. This change can play havoc or peace to one’s life. The candidate should rationally estimate the pros as well as the cons of implementing such a change. Below given are some points that must be considered while planning a career change

Points to be kept in mind while opting for a career change:-

  • The candidate should do a career assessment before deciding any new career because often it is seen that people quit jobs as they dislike their jobs. Consider taking such a career that one likes and enjoys being in.
  • One is required to maintain his/ her calm while shifting career as he/ she is bound to feel insecure while planning a shift. A strong determination is the need of the hour.
  • Intensive research on the various available job options for the new career must be undertaken.
  • The candidate should transfer some of his/ her skills gained from the previous career like communication, leadership etc. to the job profile for the new career. These skills will act as a shinning element for the new resume.
  • Make judicious use of the network of friends, business associates and other sources to obtain the information on the various other job options, the prospects of the industry and other advices.
  • He/ she could also take up a course that will ensure better job options in the new field. A small job in the new field should be taken to gather some experience.

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