What is a career in Administration

Candidates who would like to start a career in administration should have interest in conducting office activities by coordinating with various office staff and management and must have the ability to synchronise the activities in a way that they flow seamlessly. Most of the careers in administration involve candidates to be positioned at a desk and take queries from customers or clients as soon as they enter the office. Some of the important points that are to be kept in mind while opting for a career in administration are given below:

Points to be kept in mind while opting for a career in Administration:

  • Candidates who would like to get educated in specific courses in administration can take up many courses like Executive JD Program, BS in Accounting, AAS in Business Administration – Customer Service, Bachelor’s in Business Administration, etc.
  • The expectation of employers who would like to hire administration professionals is that candidates need to have good customer service skills, book keeping skills, ability to plan and schedule various operations, ability to plan appointments between people or between higher level management with clients, etc.
  • Candidates should also know how to operate on computers as basic working knowledge of MS-Office tools like MS-Word, MS – Excel, MS – PowerPoint among others would be useful.
  • Candidates need to be pleasant in their job attitude and must approach all the tasks and questions with patience and cheerfulness.
  • Candidates should have excellent communication skills and must also be able to write legibly so as to help in good coordination, planning and scheduling.
  • Basic skills in mathematics and accounting would also be useful to execute all the assigned tasks with perfection and dexterity.
  • There are many certificate courses that can also be opted for by interested students. Certificate in Business Administration, Graduate Certificate in Accounting, Graduate Certificate – Information Systems Management, etc are some of the preferred courses.

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