What is a career in Agriculture

There are various means by which candidates who are interested to work in the field of agriculture can contribute to the development of this field. The employers who recruit agriculture professionals look at the education, work experience and the interest of a person to continue working in a field that has been traditionally the backbone of various nations but has had a declining or stagnating growth more often than not. Below given are the various courses and opportunities that candidates interested in agriculture can opt for and work towards.

Points to be kept in mind while opting for a career in Agriculture:

Following are the points that a person who wish to have career in accounting must keep in mind:

  • Candidates opt for many careers in agriculture like farming, food cultivation, crop science, research in agriculture, etc.
  • They can then start taking up courses in their graduation and post graduation accordingly. Some of the agriculture related courses that can be opted for by students interested in agriculture are BS in Environmental Policy and Management, BS in Environment Sciences, BS in Horticulture Studies, etc.
  • Many positions that the candidates can contemplate opting for in the field of agriculture like research scientist, agricultural engineer, farmer, crop scientist, environmental scientist, etc.
  • Candidates should preferably strengthen their candidature by taking up additional courses and certifications in courses like soil sciences, horticulture, crop research, livestock production among others.
  • Candidates can take up graduation and post graduation courses and then move to gaining some work experience in this field. Candidates would be expected to possess at least 1-2 years of work experience in their field of study.
  • Candidates are needed to have good analytical skills and must be excellent in analysing botanical issues. They should have a positive opinion to protect varied species to a better environment, for providing better food and manure to the living beings, and for a greener future.

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