What is a Career in Art

Careers in art are perfect for those creative brainers who wish to make a living by doing what they love! It is not limited to being a painter on canvas, but the field of art has many areas of work, like website designers, computer graphic artists, animators, set building, fashion design, fine art, and still others. To be an artist, though one can entirely be self taught, but breaking the myth, a formal education in the chosen field can help to improve skills. The least requirement is a bachelor’s degree.

For example, for an Art Therapist post graduation and doctorate courses are available, a graphic designer needs to earn certificate or associate’s degree in graphic design and for an art teacher candidates may attend teacher preparation programs for their certification, etc.

There are different career options that a candidate can choose depending upon their areas of interest.

  • There are many institutions that offer education programs in art and design. These later, lead to a degree in art. There is a plethora of courses that aspiring artists can enroll oneself into for a bachelor’s degree. Courses that are offered by many art colleges are Bachelor of Arts (BA) or bachelor of fine art (BFA) programs and Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Degree in Art and Design Education. In the bachelor’s program, one is first trained in the basics, like starting from scratch and gradually the student gains ground in a specific style. Specialization often comes about in the final year.   A master’s in fine arts (MFA) is ideal for those who wish to teach at art colleges. Also, master’s programs allow one to specialize in a specific style of painting.
  • One can also become an art critic. For this, the relevant courses are journalism or art history. One needs to have a keen interest in art and should be skilled in analyzing and interpreting artists and their creations.
  • Besides the educational qualification, candidates should develop skills for building up a client base, taking control of business affairs, delivery of work in a skillfully and timely fashion, and creating self employment opportunities. Qualified graduates can take up careers in art craft or design. Advertisement agency, museums, text book and magazine companies employ professional artists, sketch artists, or printmakers. The job opportunities for this career are ever rising and so is the salary. According to the BLS reports the median salary for graphic designers, fashion designers is $42,400 annually, $ 44,900 for interior designers and $37,350 for advertising designers per year.

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