What is career counselling

Career counselling is the process by which students are assisted in understanding their requirements and aspirations regarding their career. Career guidance is enormously important when it comes to selection of career. It is education, job and salary combined which is referred to as career and the components are broken down and dealt with individually in career counselling. The compatibility with various jobs are tracked down to gain an insight into the candidate’s perception of the job and its appeal and all attempts are made to ensure that the student does not have to compromise on his choice, interest and willingness while opting for a career course.

The important factors that make up and ensure the success of career counselling may be attributed to the following:

  • Specially adapted psychological tests are used for quantitatively scoring the candidate’s field of interest, skills and aptitude so that the fine line of transition between his passion and talent can be deciphered and worked on accordingly.
  • It is required to make a vocational choice and hence the process is conducted by keeping the requirements of the various vocations in mind like an artistically inclined student may be advised to take up a career in music, dance or art.
  • Often faulty career choices make one vulnerable to problems like mental breakdown, workplace hazards and eventually overall business failure which is a huge challenge for any organization. Thus career advice assumes great importance as it hits on the micro-units (employees) of the macro-system (organization).

Every educational institution from schools to colleges is hiring counsellors to help their students come out with flying colours and not fall prey to the various tempting courses being marketed. It is easy to find many careers but not easy to explore a right career without professional advice. Thus an initiative must be taken right at the base level.



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