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A time comes in all of our lives when we are confused about which direction to take as far as our career is concerned. In such a situation, career guidance becomes crucial, and one must depend on both external and internal resources in order to decide what kind of career to choose. Our careers affect our lives in a major way and thus, career guidance is very important and critical. Some of the areas where one can seek advice and counseling can be obtained are as follows:

  • Career counselors: Career counselors are the best experts to provide advice, information and guidance to individuals who are confused about which path to choose. Career counseling is often an integral part of high school and college as these are the crucial stages where advice regarding careers becomes very important.
  • One’s parents and teachers: One’s parents and teachers are also excellent advisors on careers. Our teachers are acquainted with our strengths and weaknesses so that they can direct us to areas which will utilize our strengths.
  • Our natural inclination and educational orientation: One should always choose careers that are in sync with one’s inner bent or educational background. The ideal situation envisages a happy juxtaposition of these factors. But often, our education runs counter to our natural inclination. In such a case, one has to resort to taking a decision which one thinks is best.
  • Workshops and vocational training courses: If one is unsure about a certain career path, he or she can always opt for short courses in that field to judge for himself or herself the merits or demerits of the same. For example, a person wishing to make a career in dramatics can always attend short theatre workshops to decide if the course of action is a viable one.

Thus, one can seek help regarding career choices from a number of diverse sources. It requires confidence in oneself, and intelligent advice to create a successful and interesting career.

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  1. rafi says:

    sir,iam rafi.living in bangalore.i want career guidance to build gud future.i did diploma 3 years in computer science ,after intermediate. Inter also in csc branch.now iam doing corespondance b-tech.which cource i have to do.java or web design.i want to settle in job now.pls help me… Thanks and regards…

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