Wildlife Specialist Career

Career Description

Wildlife specialist is one who is in charge of the health of wild animals as well as the different kinds of plants that grow in wild life. The candidate is also responsible for environmental conservation besides having sufficient knowledge about the various laws that govern wildlife. At times the candidate is also required to study the wildlife habitat and provide information on their living pattern when necessary. The candidate should have their background in any of the areas like biology, animal studies and related field.

How to Become a Wildlife Specialist

To become a Wildlife specialist one can follow the educational background along with specialised studies and training. After the high school the aspirant could opt for a degree programme in any of the fields like biology, animal studies and wildlife studies etc. Master’s degree can also be attained in the relevant subjects.

Wildlife Specialist Career Courses, Training, and Programs

At the undergraduate level the aspirant must have unambiguous understanding about the categories of wild lives along with their specific nature and habitats. Various educational modules try to build up the knowledge of the candidate with subjective and practical sessions offered in colleges and university. Many universities conduct numerous excursion programs to nearby wild life areas to let the candidates get some hand on knowledge about wild life.

Wildlife Specialist Career Schools/Colleges, Education

Many universities have specific departments to handle the subject categories like wild life and animal studies. There are some certifications offered by colleges that are designed to train the candidates on a specialised wild life segment like reptiles, birds and mammals etc.

Top 4 Colleges/Universities

University of Vermont

DeVry University

Ashford College

Grand Canyon University

Wildlife Specialist Job Opportunities, Salaries/Pay

A person working as a wildlife specialist can easily expect an annual salary of $82,040. This is a much specialised field that involves lot of risk and thus it is one of the few very good paying job segments. With increasing experience one can expect a good hike in the salary.

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