Writing and Editing Career

A writing and editing career use different publishing software to make various written materials.  Books, articles, magazines, marketing materials, and web content are among the materials done by the writer and editor.  A writer is tasked to research topics, interview people, collect and select materials, organize information, and uses his own words to make a written material.  On the other hand, the editor is to check on the work of the writer.  He makes sure that words are properly spelled and that there are no grammatical errors.  He also works on restructuring sentences.  He is to check on facts and choose the title for the material.

How to become a Writer and Editor

To become a writer and editor, one must earn a degree in journalism, communications, or any other related field.Certifications are available for an individual without a degree or college education.  One should pursue a specialization since some employers seek individuals with knowledge in a specific field.  One must be creative, motivated, and naturally curious.  He must be able to express himself well in writing. One must also have knowledge of various topics. Become a member of a professional association such as the American Copy Editors Society.

Writing and Editing Courses, training, programs

A degree in journalism gives one a background in pursuing a writing and editing career.  The program covers various areas such as journalism, media law and ethics, radio and television production, reporting, production and management, magazine journalism, news writing, sports writing, feature writing, review writing, opinion writing, and copy and design.  Through internships, one gains both practical skills and experience.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Columbia University in New York, New York

University of California-Berkeley, California

University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri

Indiana University-Bloomington, Indiana

Northwestern University, Illinois

Writing and Editing Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

An individual pursuing a career in writing and editing may earn an average of $54,000 per year.  The salary would depend on the work location, employer, and benefits.  Employment may be secured in various industries such as publishing, broadcasting, healthcare, and education. One may also work from home.

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