X-ray Technician Career

Career Description:

The x-ray technician, also known as radiology technician or radiologic technician, helps in diagnosis by producing an x-ray film. One takes care of patient preparation, making sure that the patient understands and knows how the procedure is done. After taking an image, the x-ray film is developed to allow physicians and medical experts to assess the health condition of the patient.  It is through this x-ray film that a medical diagnosis is made. The x-ray technician maintains the equipment as well as the patient’s records.  It is a must that an x-ray technician observes and complies with safety rules or regulations.  One must have ample training in handling the equipment to avoid exposure to radiation.  There are some x-ray technicians who specialize in handling other imaging equipments used for CT scans, mammography, fluoroscopic imaging and MRIs. One must have the skills and ability to communicate, work with a team, and ensure safety of patients.

How to become an X-ray Technician

Upon completion of high school, an aspiring x-ray technician must earn an associate’s degree, or take a radiologic or radiography training program. One may also pursue a bachelor’s degree if one desire for future advancement. Get into internships to gain relevant skills and experience.  An aspiring x-ray technician must also obtain a certification through the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists.  As a certified technician, one may be able to practice as an x-ray technician.  Continue to be educated and specialize in a specific area. This gives one an opportunity to advance in this type of career.

X-ray Technician Courses, training, programs

The training or course program for an aspiring x-ray technician covers various areas which includes medical terminology, anatomy, diseases, radiographic techniques, radiographic photography, radiographic equipment, and radiation physics.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Argosy University (multiple locations across America)

Kaplan University (online learning, multiple locations across America)

Keiser University (online learning, Florida)

Pioneer Pacific College, Oregon

South College (Tennessee, North Carolina)

X-ray Technician Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

An x-ray technician may find employment in various hospitals, radiologic clinics, or medical centers. One has may earn from $24,587 to $60,676 annually.

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