Zoologist Career

The love for animals can be a meaningful and fulfilling career.  One career that covers the all areas of animal life is being a zoologist.  A zoologist studies the origin, developmental stages, habits, behavior, and habitats of animals.  He also researches on animal genetics, diseases and processes.  It seems complicated but zoologists are trained and equipped to handle scientific animal researches. He helps in finding cures for animal diseases and solutions for problems, such as food supply.  It is a very challenging but fulfilling career.

How to become a Zoologist

With an interest in animal science, one can jumpstart his career as a zoologist.   One must get a bachelor’s degree in zoology, biological science or other related sciences.  Get the necessary internship to gain hands on experience.  An aspiring zoologist should also get business courses. It is a must that an individual vying for this position should have excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.  And to further advance and gain better employment opportunities, one can pursue a master’s or doctoral degree.  Gaining specializations will help one do what he really wants to do.

Zoologist Courses, training, programs

A zoology or biological science degree gives a student a good foundation in biology.  Courses cover animal diversity, genetics, ecology, animal behavior and more.  The program prepares one in conducting research and field work.  Specializations are also offered so that a student and focus in the study of one group of animals.  This will enable one to earn an employment doing exactly what he is trained to do.  There are also internship programs available for aspiring zoologists.  One may also consider doing volunteer work or part-time jobs in clinics, farms or zoos.  Mush can be gained if one is able to apply what he had learned.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Michigan State University

University of Hawaii

University of Wisconsin

University of Washington

Miami University

Zoologist Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A zoologist can look for a job in universities, museums, zoos government agencies or private companies requiring such position.  After pursuing further studies, one can advance as a director, project leader, or curator. A zoologist may earn from $28,353-$74,282 annually.

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