Investment Strategist Career

An investment strategist is a professional who reviews financial statements of a company and then makes strategies regarding the financial and investment plans of the company. These individuals study the... Read More

Hotel Receptionist Career

A hotel receptionist is the person you see and approach when you enter into a hotel. This individual is responsible for answering queries, giving room keys, making guest reservations and... Read More

Real Estate Sales Agent Career

A real estate sales agent is a person who works for a real estate company or a property dealer as a sales executive and tries to sell as many properties... Read More

Investigative Reporter Career

An investigative reporter is a professional who works for a media company or a news channel and is responsible for collecting facts, analyzing them and then reporting them.  At this... Read More

Veterinary Receptionist Career

A veterinary receptionist is a person who works in a veterinary center or vet clinic as a receptionist and handles calls and inquiries, directs clients and performs many other such... Read More

Commercial Insurance Agent Career

A commercial insurance agent acts as a link or bridge between insurance companies and clients and help he clients by suggesting them suitable insurance plans. These individuals use their knowledge... Read More

Commercial Property Agent Career

A commercial property agent is an individual who assist buyers in purchasing properties and also helps the seller’s in selling out their properties to prospective buyers. These agents acts like... Read More

Mortgage Agent Career

A mortgage agent is an individual who acts as a mediatory party between a lender and a borrower as far as property related transactions are concerned. These individuals help both... Read More

Operating Room Technician Career

An operating room technician is an employee of a medical facility or a hospital who is required to provide assistance and support to surgeons, nurses and other medical professional while... Read More

Looking for a TEFL Job Overseas? Do Your Research

Teaching English at an overseas school can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Not only do you have the life-changing experience of living and working in... Read More

Media Sales Executive Career

A media sales executive is one who is responsible for the marketing events and campaigns conducted by the company outdoor. The candidate has the primary task of selling advertising space... Read More

Hotel Executive Career

A hotel executive is one who works at the clerical level in a hotel with many administrative responsibilities. Some of the responsibilities that a hotel executive is required to fulfill... Read More

Hotel Front Desk Career

A hotel front desk executive is an individual who works for a hotel or a resort and his/her duty is at the front desk of the facility. Any person working... Read More