Administration careers


Good administration is a vital requirement of any organization, be it a business, a hospital, a Private Sector Company or any other kind of establishment. This essential pre-requisite creates the need for well qualified and skilled candidates to fill in variousadministrative jobs.  In fact, it is believed that there are close to 6 million administrative personnel working in the United States alone.

Acareer in administrationrequires management skills, technical skills, organizational skills and very good inter-personal skills to name just a few. Administration careersrequire the capability to handle a wide variety of duties, which include problem-solving capability, knowledge of business functioning, and excellent communication skills.

Administration Career Types

There are many types of administration careers available today. Public administration, Business administration,Hospital administration, Office administration etc. are some of the options available for anyone who wants to start a career in administration.

The qualifications required for an administration job varies, depending on the field you have chosen.  A degree in Administration is always helpful, and specializing in the chosen field, like Health services Administration orBusiness administrationetc, is also to your advantage.

Earlier, thejob descriptionof administration professionals used to include mundane chores related to handling phone calls, visitors, maintaining schedules, etc.  However, today, administrative careers include more specialized work, like co-coordination, training, supervision,managementand other such responsible roles.

Many administration jobs like those of Secretaries andAdministrative Assistantsrequire many skill-sets and you must be willing to constantly upgrade your knowledge as well as skills.  Many of these skills can be learnt with on-the-job training and also from more experienced co-workers.

A study conducted by theInternational Association of Administrative Professional(IAAP)has shown that most people pursuing a career in administration are aiming for better positions not only in the administration side but are also moving into the management side.

To progress on yourcareer pathin administration, it is important to have personal qualities like the ability to adapt, the will to learn and move with the new technological communications, and have innovative problem-solving capability.

Most administration careers require you to work a standard 40 hour week.  Sometimes you may have to work longer hours depending on the requirement.