Career Description

A behavioral health technician assists people suffering from behavioral problems by organizing therapy according to the gravity of the problem. The behavioral health technician has many crucial responsibilities that begins with assisting doctors in treating patients who have been under some kind of substance abuse, psychological trauma, mental imbalance or any kind of physical or emotional abuse.

The candidate should assess the mental condition of the patient before offering an individual treatment plan accordingly apart from observing improvement in the condition over a period of time. The candidate is closely associated with many hospitals and heath reorientation units that help people recover from all kinds of metal problems.

How to Become a Behavioral Health Technician

A candidate who wants to become a behavioral health technician should acquire a bachelor’s degree along with some work experience in the field of mental health. Those candidates who want acquire an associate’s degree in mental health or a master’s degree in behavioral science can be directly hired by employers without any work experience.

Behavioral Health Technician Career Courses, Training, Programs

The training programs and coursed offered in US offer internship training at all degree levels which offers an opportunity to obtain training while pursuing studies. Besides on the job training is also received by candidates from the employers who have completed their formal education in the behavioral science field. Besides obtaining certification is necessary for obtaining employment in reputed health care units.

Behavioral Health Technician Career Schools/Colleges, Education

The schools and universities in US offer exhaustive curriculum to the students pursuing behavioral health technician courses with good training and exposure to all aspects of learning.

Top 5 Colleges/Universities

University of Phoenix

Walden University

Capella University

Southern Hampshire University

The University of Liverpool

Behavioral Health Technician Career Job Opportunities, Salaries/Pay

The average salary of a behavioral health technician is estimated at $45,000 per annum.