Career Description:

Building construction technology engineers design, plan and supervise various construction projects. They typically begin new projects by soil testing, determining the foundation type estimating the cost of labor and materials. They then use computer aided designing to prepare models, bid proposals etc.

They also assess the environmental impact on the construction. Once the project is approved the building construction technology engineer coordinates the project and resolves technical issues.

How to become a building construction technology engineer:

A bachelor’s degree in civil engineering or architecture is the least necessity to enter the profession. One can also go for a master’s degree. This is important to gain the chartered construction engineer status later on.

Technical, organizational and commercial skills are the virtues of the job that also calls for accurate, confident and independent decision taking from early states. Building construction technology engineers must have analytical skills for interpreting complex information. He should also be good at verbal and written communication.

Building construction technology career courses, training and programs:

A company’s graduate training program is the commonest route for entering the profession. Under supervision, the program would enable you in developing technical ability and business skills as also gradually increase the abilities. Most training programs last for a year.

Building construction technology career schools/colleges, education:

In the engineering college, the aspiring building construction technology engineer will be able to know the nuances of the profession. A successful academic career is necessary to excel in the professional life.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Georgia Institute of Technology

California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

Boston University

Indiana University, Bloomington

Building construction technology job opportunities, salaries/pay:

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual income for building construction technology engineer is about $92,350. The career is expected to witness a 22 per cent growth with engineers having the flexibility to switch between industries.