Career Description

A Business Analytics is required to principally and technically explore the data of the organization and perform a statistical analysis. Business analytics give suggestion to the company about the business decisions which can make the business processes more effective. He/ she will be required to study the business policies to analyze the health of the business and ascertain the key areas that can be made productive.

How to become a Business Analytics:-

To become a business analytics one must possess an excellent base of statistics. A sense of getting acquainted with new technology should be present in those who aspire to become a business analytics. A keen interest in business issues and the difficulties that are faced by businesses must be present in the aspirant.

Business Analytics courses, training program:-

The educational requirement for a business analytics varies according to the employer company and the position held. This course can be found even at the undergraduate level. A bachelor’s degree in business administration is a preferred educational qualification. After completing the bachelor’s degree, he/ she can complete masters in various fields.

Business Analytics career, school/ colleges/ education:-

The business analytics course helps the aspirant to imbibe statistical skills, analytic skills, data mining and data management skills. The course offers insights into various business processes.

Top 5 Colleges/ Universities:-

  • Brigham Young University, Utah
  • James Madison University, Virginia
  • Carnegie Mellon University, Pennsylvania
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Massachusetts
  • New York University

Business Analytics job opportunities, salary/ recruitment:-

Business Analytics are generally appointed by companies that indulge in decision making based on data. The most common job position offered to a business analytics is that of managerial analysis. Location of company has a major influence on the salary offered. Most analytics earns on an average a salary ranging in between $74,000 to $98,500 per annum.