Career Description: –

A business executive has to undertake the responsibility of a department in any organization. The business executives have to perform their duties and work for substantially longer duration. Such a person is sometimes regarded as the identity for the firm. He/she is entrusted with the job of getting the best from each and every employee and enhance the customer base.

How to become business executive: –

A person who wishes to become a business executive must have leadership qualities. The quality of leading, directing and organizing a team on a large scale is needed by a business executive. It is not an essential for a business executive to hold a degree in economics and business administration. The individuals belonging to other fields can also serve well as a business executive.

Business executive career courses, training programs: –

To become a business executive one must possess a four year bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree.  Business Administration, Public Administration, Law are some of the subjects often opted in master’s by those seeking to a become business executive. An experience of minimum 10 years is an essential condition to reach to the position of a business executive.

Business executive career school/ colleges/ education: –

There are numerous colleges and universities that offer a well defined course in the subjects like business and economics. The students are taught about the business opportunities, problems and solutions. A deep insight about the various types of economics is also imparted to students

Top 5 colleges/ universities: –

  1. Harvard Business School
  2. Graduate Business School, Stanford
  3. Tippie School of Business
  4. Carnegie Mellon University
  5. Wharton

Business executive job opportunity, salary, recruitment: –

Business executives are recruited in both private and public sector companies. Since the business executives are responsible for a large gamut of responsibilities, they earn a minimum of $ 50,000 per annum as the starting salary.

Becoming a business executive takes time in order to learn the qualities you need.  The amount of responsibility and important decisions you’re asked to make will seem countless.  Prepare yourself for those moments with an organizational leadership masters degree.