Career Description

Business intelligence is that field of work where decisions are taken by considering various collected information.  The growth of any business organization largely depends upon the correct decisions taken by them which can only be done with the help of large amount of data that is gathered. Thus organizing the collected data in an efficient and effective manner so that they lead to decision making is the process of Business intelligence (BI). A person who wish to work in this field must be good at gathering data, must have needed skill sets and qualifications.

How to become Business intelligence professional

An individual who wish to work in the field of Business intelligence must be good at analyzing and collecting data. He must be good with numbers and must have good organization skills. Excellent knowledge of all the computer software and tools like SQL, relational database and others are necessary to work in this position.

Business intelligence courses, trainings and programs:

To work in the field of Business intelligence the candidate must be well educated.  First of all he must have completed his high school with good grades. Then the candidate must complete their graduation and post graduation in the field of finance and other related subjects like accounting and others. Thorough knowledge of computer languages and software’s are also very important.  The continuous learning of the filed can be done with the help of various training, seminars and conference conducted for the related topics.

Business intelligence School/Colleges, education:

There are various colleges and universities in US that undertake various courses and degrees that prepare an individual to work in the field of Business intelligence. These colleges and universities take lessons on all the related subjects of the field.

Top 5 Colleges/Universities:

  • Strayer University
  • St.Joseph’s University
  • Capella University
  • Stanford University
  • Columbia Business School
  • St.Joseph’s University

Business intelligence Job Opportunities, salaries and recruitment

The job profile of business intelligence personnel is of great importance for all types of organization. The opportunities and growth in the profile is also very high. On an average, the person working in the field of Business intelligence earns a salary of around $95,000 per annum.