Career Description:

Business process management focuses on the end-to-end processes so as to achieve the desired outcomes that include results as desired or perceived by the customers of the company or organization. It can be described as a structured approach towards continuous improvement via forging an increased value for the customer through measures that truly reflect the management’s and customers’ expectations.

A business process manager, thus, reviews the important processes of the company and ensures that they are functional, adequate, conform to the industry standards and finally meet the customers’ expectations.

 How to become a business process manager:

A four year college degree in finance, business management, economics or data analysis is usually sought for the position. Employers, in most cases, prefer candidates having a master’s degree or an MBA in relevant fields or information technology.

Strong verbal and written communication skills, organizational skills, ability to identify problems in a business process and devise a solution, leadership skills and decision making abilities are required to embark on a business process management career.

 Business process management career courses, training and programs:

 A combination of business knowledge and intelligence acumen is a virtue for the job. Some training is provided on the job. Refresher courses are also held by many training institutes. In some cases, multiple technology certifications coupled with experience are required for persons who don’t have a bachelor’s degree.

 Business process management career schools/colleges, education:

A business process manager can progress faster in his career if he performs well and takes the regular continuing education and professional courses. Within some years, a competent and skillful candidate can elevate himself to a senior role in the company. There are colleges and institutes that offer refresher education courses.

 Top 5 colleges/universities:

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Pennsylvania State University

Missouri University

University of Texas, College Station

University of Florida

Business process management job opportunities, salaries/pay:

The average annual salary of a business process manager is about $58,400 and the job requirements are also very high.