Career Description

Business Risk consultants are the experts who analyze the statistical data to avoid any financially detrimental incidents. They are the professionals who have thorough know-how about business, finance and mathematics. The specialised consultants try to devise the policies to minimise the risk in any organisation. Business risk consultant could specialise in any of the particular fields like insurance, health, life and casualty.

How to Become a Business Risk Consultant

To become a business risk consultant one has to very carefully plan his/her career progression. The aspirant must have problem solving skills, interpersonal skills along with impressive analytical skills. A degree in business consulting is necessary for becoming a business risk consultant. During the degree level the aspirant must specialise in mathematics, actuarial sciences and statistics.

Business Risk Consultant Career Courses, Training, and Programs

A business risk consultant must have a good command on statistics and mathematics. They must be able to analyse and solve the risk associated with business and they must have a good understanding about their field of specialisation. They can get a bachelors degree in mathematics or statistics and later some specialised certifications on risk assessment can also be done by the candidates aspiring to become a business risk consultant.

Business Risk Consultant Career Schools/Colleges, Education

Many universities and colleges offer degree courses relevant to business risk analysis profile. Certifications are also offered by sponsoring societies for the aspiring candidates. At degree level the colleges offer many 4 year programs that train the candidates about calculus, investments, probability, finance, statistics, and portfolio management.

Top 4 Colleges/Universities

Kaplan University

University of Pennsylvania

Jones International University

Walden University

Business Risk Consultant Job Opportunities, Salaries/Pay

Business risk consultant is a highly paid profile in which one can get an average salary of $84,567 per year. The actual salary may vary with the experience of the candidate. These business risk consultants are in huge demand in financial organisations like banks and investment companies.