Career Description:

Business technology analysts usually work as independent consultants or are hired by companies and help in improving business performance via the use of information technology (IT). Their work involves making a company more effective, profitable and efficient.

As per Boston University Corporate Education Center, a business technology analyst works with business managers for identifying their requirements. They document specific requirement and then work with a designated IT team for ensuring that technology solutions output the planned business benefits.

 How to become a business technology analyst:

A minimum bachelor’s degree is required in the field of finance and economics. A major in computer sciences, applied mathematics, information science, engineering or physical sciences is required for dealing with the technical side involved in the job. Graduation can be done in information management systems followed by an MBA.

Skills required include understanding IT and forging changes in an organization. Demonstrated skills in business process analysis, management and problem solving is necessary. Typical skills should include communication, team building and project management.

 Business technology analyst career courses, training and programs:

 A combination of business and technical qualification and experience is required for the job. Training is often provided on the job but that should be backed by a solid academic career. Some companies outsource their training to selected institutes.

 Business technology analyst career schools/colleges, education:

An IT training institute would hone the skills of an intending business technology analyst. This would help in gaining the technical know-how required for the job. University study would help sharpen the skills of the candidate.

 Top 5 colleges/universities:

University of California, San Diego

University of Maryland

Stanford University

University of California, Berkeley

Michigan State University

Business technology analyst job opportunities, salaries/pay:

Business technology analysts are usually paid $43,750 at the entry level. Independent consultant charge fees for their service rendered. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected a 6-7 percent growth of the field.