Career Description:

Business Valuation is the process which is aimed at accessing the current value of the business through economic factors with the help of various different methods. The business valuation is done so that investors as well as the owners become aware about the standing of the business in the market.

The person who performs this function of valuation is known by various different names like business valuator, business valuation consultant, business valuation analyst and others. An individual working in this position has to perform number of tasks such as reorganization of the organization, planning of the income tax and others. In order to work in the field of business valuation, experience, education and qualifications plays an important role.

How to become business valuator:

In order to work in field of business of valuation, the candidate must be well educated and must have good experience as well as skill sets. First of all the individual must have inclination towards the field of mathematics in order to work in this job post. The thorough knowledge about the latest rules and regulation is also very necessary.  The candidate must also possess good computer and analytical skills.

Business Valuation courses, training and programs

The person who wishes to work in the field of business valuation must first complete their high school with good grades. Then they can take up bachelor’s degree in accounting and related subjects like finance and others. Post graduation degree always adds weight age to the resume of the person.  The professional courses like CPA and other will surely help to have an edge over the other candidate.

Business Valuation Career Schools/colleges and education

There are various colleges and universities in US that prepare an individual to work in the field of business valuation. These courses makes a candidate well verse in the subjects related to business valuation.

Top 5 Colleges/Universities:

  • Florida Atlantic University
  • Seattle University
  • Howard University
  • University of California
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology( MIT)

Business Valuation Job Opportunities, salaries and recruitment

With the growing number of business organization in the world, the need for business valuation jobs are also increasing. The growth opportunities are also ample in the field. On an average, a person working in this field gets a salary between $70,000 and $ 90,000. The salary varies depending upon the job profile and the type of organization.