A casting director career refers to those kinds of jobs where a person is given the responsibility to select actors for a movie, TV show, play or commercial according to the role and the script. These actors must be selected carefully because apart from good acting, they must also look the part and fulfill the requirements of other characterization requirements. The casting director takes auditions or screen tests of these actors, maintains their files and then works in collaboration with the director and producer to make the final selection or casting for the project.

How to become a casting director:

In order to be a casting director, you can gather experience by taking part in the production process of plays in high school and do internships for theatre companies. You must have natural knack of knowing who will be right for the role and learn about the creative arts and management.

Casting director career courses, training, programs:

You can get a degree or diploma in subjects like mass communication, fine arts, creative arts, drama, TV studies, theatre, films or entertainment management. There are many casting directors or talent agents who have done well only with their networking and artistic skills.

Casting director career schools/colleges, education:

Although there is no specific degree to become a casting director, you can do courses in filmmaking, production or film/TV studies to understand the process of casting or how to select the right actor for a role.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

Colorado Film School

University of California

Yale University

University of Pennsylvania

Casting director career job opportunities, salaries/pay and recruitment:

The job outlook in this field is good and employment is expected to go up by 10%. The average salary is around $70,660 per year, however, a director who has more contacts and has landed a big project can a lot more than this.