Career Description

Central Service Technicians are required to take care of the systems/ equipments being used by their clients. They need to maintain these systems/ equipments and repair them as and when required. These professionals are basically required to serve their clients and ensure that the later are satisfied with the services given. Central service technicians work in various industries.

How to become a Central Service Technician

In order to become a central service technician one needs to acquire a relevant technical degree from an accredited college/ university. It is also essential to attend a formal training in this field in order to get a hands on experience about how the various assigned technical tasks need to be completed. The candidate must be able to work independently and also as a part of a team.

Central Service Technician career courses, training, programs

After attaining good grades in high school one is recommended to go for an associate’s degree in computer technology or heavy equipment repair. One may also go for a certification course in these or other such technical fields in order to become a central service technician.

Central Service Technician career schools/ colleges, education

A number of vocational schools and colleges offer courses that train their students in this field. The admission in these schools/ colleges is given on merit basis.

Top 5 colleges/ universities

  1. Miami Dade College
  2. Houston Community College System
  3. College of Southern Nevada
  4. North Central Texas College
  5. Nicholls State University

Central Service Technician job opportunities, salaries/ pay

There is a good enough demand for central service technicians these days with a growing trend of providing complete after sales services to the clients. The demand is more so because these professionals are not limited to one industry; they are required in a number of industries. The average annual salary of a central service technician is $42,000.