Career Description:

Construction equipment operators handle the several large machines required in construction activity. They control steamrollers, asphalt spreaders, tamping equipment, pile drivers, cranes, bucket trucks and many other equipment.

These machines are used for digging trenches and holes, lift heavy objects, compact soil, move earth and similar functions. They help in creating and maintaining the country’s infrastructure that include office buildings, tunnels, bridges and even oil rigs.

How to become construction equipment:

High school diploma along with a course in mathematics is sufficient to get an entry to the job. Most construction equipment operators learn the nuances of the trade during on-job training. They usually start with smaller and lighter machines and later shift to heavy equipment.

Construction equipment operators have to be detail oriented and precise and able to closely follow directions. They must display good hand-eye coordination and mechanical aptitude. A construction equipment operator must be able to operate hand wheels, levers, vales and other similar control.

Construction equipment career courses, training and programs:

Employers of construction equipment operators provide training courses and when required. Apprenticeship programs are also available via unions. There are several vocational schools teaching construction equipment operation.

Construction equipment career schools/colleges, education:

Formal training for construction equipment operation isn’t provided in schools or colleges. There are some polytechnic and industrial training colleges that conduct programs on construction equipment handling.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Virginia Polytechnic Institute

California Polytechnic State University

Richmond Industrial Training College

William and Mary College

Boston College

Construction equipment job opportunities, salaries/pay:

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median hourly income for a construction equipment operator is about $28.60. The remuneration, however, hugely varies with the exact equipment needed to operate like those for tamping, surfacing, paving etc. The work of the construction equipment operator depends very much on the weather conditions. Their wages are also regulated by relevant federal and state bodies.