Career Description:

The construction site manager is also sometimes known as the site agent or building manager. The construction site manager has to oversee the operations at the site on a daily basis and ensures that the work done conforms to safety standards and the right quality norms. The site manager has to monitor the progress, oversee the delivery of materials and execute safety checks. He also has to liaise with the planners, surveyors, engineers and architects.

 How to become a construction site manager:

The commonest degree required for construction site manager is passing a course that has been approved by the relevant authorities of the particular state. Subjects include building engineering and studies, civil engineering and surveying, engineering and construction management, building technology and management etc.

The construction site manager must be a good planner and well organized. He must be prepared for responsibility as well as decision making. He must be good at people skills and able to communicate with the workers and motivate them.

Construction site manager career courses, training and programs:

Senior construction site managers go on to become contract directors. Opportunities also exist for consultancy, imparting teaching and in safety and health inspections. Continuing professional development is essential for progressing in the career inside the industry.

Construction site manager career schools/colleges, education:

Some training institutes prepare students for a career in construction management. Majority of the training, however, is got in job.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Missouri University

University of Texas, College Station

University of Florida

Colorado State University

Brown University

Construction site manager job opportunities, salaries/pay:

The demand for construction site manager has revived again after some years of downturn. Infrastructure and construction activities have resumed and the industry is again on the lookout for professional. A construction site manager can get an average salary of about $51,970 per according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.