A copy editor is someone who corrects a written copy like an article or news report, check it for any typos, grammatical or spelling mistakes, factual errors and in some cases modifies the language to make it more suitable and at the same time not destroying its original style. They are employed by newspapers, magazines, websites and ad agencies where they check the content, give feedback and also have to keep in mind the deadline so that there is no delay in publication.

They must coordinate with the writers, reporters and also have good researching skills so that they examine the piece properly and detect any factual mistake.

How to become a copy editor:

In order to be a copy editor, you must have a command over language, should be creative, have an eye for details and remain calm under pressure. You can also take some courses in order to get an idea about this job and hone your abilities.

Copy editor career courses, training, programs:

For this job you need to get a bachelor’s degree in subjects like literature or get a degree in mass communication, journalism or advertising as these courses have papers on copy editing and also offer practicals where you will know how to work in this field.

Copy editor career schools/colleges, education:

There are many universities which provide courses on mass communication which will help one improve his copy editing skills.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

The University of Texas at Austin

University of Missouri in Columbia

Columbia University

University of California, Santa Cruz

Copy editor career job opportunities, salaries/pay and recruitment:

The job outlook in this field has been steady in the last few years with no change in employment rate. The average salary in this field is $50,000, though it may be less for entry-level candidates and higher for experienced ones. The size of organization is also a factor.