Career Description

A crime scene technician is one who is involved in the investigation of a crime. Some of the duties that the crime scene technician undertakes are processing of proofs at the crime scene, obtaining finger prints, obtaining forensic imaging, preserving obtained samples from crime scene, providing documentation for evidence collected etc. The candidate should be having good eye for detail, analytical skills and investigative skills as well to succeed in this job.

How to Become a Crime Scene Technician

The candidate should have a high school qualification in subjects related to science such as physics, chemistry etc to begin with. After this acquiring a graduation in science with subjects such as biology, chemistry is essential to become a crime scene technician. Thos who want to advance their career in crime investigation should obtain a master’s degree in forensic science.

Crime Scene Technician Career Courses, Training, Programs

A crime scene technician should obtain training related to crime investigation from a reputed University or college after formal education. Obtaining specialized programs such as Crime Scene Investigation Program, Forensic Program or Forensic Science Administration can be most useful to enhance employment opportunities. Besides training obtained on the job is very essential as a trainee crime scene technician which provides practical exposure to the field work that needs to be undertaken by the candidate.

Crime Scene Technician Career Schools/Colleges, Education

There are many colleges and universities in the US that offer world class education to become a crime scene technician. These courses are not only comprehensive but also very practical in teaching students the various aspects of crime investigation as well.

Top 5 Colleges/Universities

Kaplan University

Ashford University

Bradman University

Loyola University, New Orleans

Everest University, Phoenix

Crime Scene Technician Career Job Opportunities, Salaries/Pay

The median salary of a crime scene technician is around $58,000 per annum.