A customer service career description involves handling customer issues properly and resolving any complaints to the satisfaction of customers. You will handle inquiries and concerns from consumers about products, pricing and schedules. As a customer service officer, you will also ensure the coordination of services in various departments in the organization with the aim of providing fast and crucial service to customers. Again, your main aim is to foster a good relationship between customers and the organization since you are the direct link between the two. Some of the equipment that you will use to communicate to customers includes the internet, telephone, fax machine, postal mail or face to face contact. You may be required to do some bit of research especially if a client asks a complex or technical question that needs a detailed answer.

How to Have a Customer Service Career

First get a High School Diploma. Then enroll in College or University to study a customer care related course or any undergraduate course. Some employers will hire graduates straight from High School, but most of them now require Associates Degree or Bachelors degree qualifications.

You will have to be technology savvy to be a customer care agent. This is because you will be mainly dealing with equipments such as computers, telephones and faxes.

Knowledge of a foreign language will boost your chances of being employed as a customer care service agent.

Types, Description, Information

Some of the career paths that you can get into in customer service include customer support, front desk, call centre agent, customer service representative, sales representative, academic advisors and administrative assistants. For those working for airlines, customer service career paths include baggage handlers, airport operations and station managers.

On the other hand, your career path can lead you to work for corporate organizations, airlines, non-governmental organizations, Business Process Outsourcing institutions.

While some customer care representatives deal with specific questions, others handle general questions or provide general information to clients.

Customer Service Qualifications: Courses, Training, Programs

Some of the training programs you can study to have a customer care career include Public Relations, Customer Care, and Business Administration. You will need to receive continuous education throughout your career due to the constantly changing needs in this field.

Schools, Colleges, Universities

You will your High School Transcripts as a prerequisite to admission to college. The 5 top colleges offering customer service career courses include:

  • Delaware Technical and Community College
  • Cowley College — Kansas
  • Genesee Community College in New York
  • Spokane Community College — Washington
  • Western Texas College
  • University of Tennessee

Jobs, Opportunities Salaries, Recruitment

The job outlook for those in customer service careers are great since there are more job opportunities than applicants to fill up positions. As more and more companies come up, there are many entry level positions available for those who are on a customer care job search. Most people who begin as customer care representatives usually leave for other careers, creating job opportunities for those interested in Recruitment for experienced workers is also being done as the older generation workers leave the work force.

On average, the pay for customer service agents is $43,000 per year.




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