Career guidance helps you in choosing a career that is right for you in terms of skill and interest. The career that you are choosing is dependent on the fact that you possess the traits in order to execute the tasks involved in that career successfully. In gaining the skills, the interested applicant should consider the work related expertise, soft skills and external influences to that field. Career guidance gives you a complete understanding to the applicant about these factors so that a careful consideration is given before choosing the field in question.

There are various types of career guidance that can help you choose the field of interest:

  • Career guidance on the schools, colleges and universities that can lend useful expertise to the candidate. These educational institutes should conduct products that are known for their state-of-the-art infrastructure, excellent pedagogy, and upgraded coursework.
  • Career guidance on the course programs, trainings, license and certification that should be obtained in order to be eligible for the position that the candidate wants to obtain. These requirements can also vary between one state to another.
  • Career guidance on the compensation structure, salaries, wages – hourly or yearly as the case may be, so that the candidate is aware of the pay scale for that position. It gives the candidate a general outlook and kind of opportunities that the field could offer.
  • Career guidance can also be given on the job related training, exposure, work certifications, work ambience, type of skill involved in workplace, etc. Candidates can get prepared for the work environment with this type of career guidance. This also helps immensely to become physically and mentally prepared for the career.
  • Career guidance on the medical requirements, physical requirements (age, height, weight, etc.), physical abilities, and mental abilities that should be possessed by the individual to be eligible to apply for the career at hand.