Career Descriptions:

A document controller is a person who looks after the documents or paperwork of an office or an organisation. This position might seem ordinary, but holds huge importance as it provides support to the main functions of a company. Without a document controller, the workplace can easily become a mess and chaotic. Document controller’s job is of huge responsibility as the company relies on him for security and availability of important documents.

How to become a document controller

A document controller is a person who needs to be extremely careful and responsible. A company expects him to be quick and sharp. Therefore, anyone with these qualities can easily apply to the position of a document controller. From the education point of view, the applicant must have passed out of high school successfully and also have a Bachelors degree in any subject, preferably a subject related to the kind of a company he has applied to. A person needs to pass a personal interview before getting selected for this job profile

Document controller courses, training and programs

A diploma course in the related field can work as a huge advantage for anyone applying to the position of a document controller. It is always good if a document controller is skilled at Mathematics. But a training program which helps in document controlling system can also be helpful for landing the job. Overall managerial skills should be excellent.

Top colleges/universities

  • Michigan University
  • Georgia University
  • University of California
  • University of Buffalo

Document controller salary, job opportunities and recruitment

A document controller is one of the most needed employees in fields like law, travel and tourism, educational institutes etc…There is ample number of job opportunities for people interested in this field. The scope for promotion at this job profile is large as a person who handles documents gets familiarised with all the departments of the firm. A document controller earns somewhere around $400-$700 a month.