Career Description

A dredge operator is one who operates dredging machines to remove material like sand, gravel, and stones from rivers, lakes and streams. By doing this they make the waterways navigable. This job requires them to operate machinery that are power operated as well as manual. As a dredge operator one must be physically fit and also a good decision maker.

How to become a Dredge Operator:

All those people who aspire to become a dredge operator need to know that this profile does not need any advanced level certification. People from any course of study can opt for this job profile. However, if one has a background in courses like Oceanography, Meteorology, Physics or Fluid dynamics, it helps them to assess the situation at work better.

It is also an advantage to have knowledge about the propulsion system of water vessels and the skill to manage various types of boats, navigation systems and hydraulic equipment.

Dredge Operator career courses, training, programs:

There are no specific courses that train you to be a dredge operator. You will be trained on the job. It is however a bonus to have some knowledge and work experience on material moving machinery. You can participate in apprenticeship programs to learn about dredging.

Dredge Operator career schools/colleges, education:

Since there are no college or university courses for becoming a dredge operator, these skills are honed while on the job. Since most employers prefer just a high school diploma degree holder, it is best to get one before applying for the job. You can also work on gaining some machinery handling knowledge.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

There are no universities that offer dredging courses. However, you can gain some apprenticeship knowledge from the International Union of Operating Engineers.

Dredge Operators job opportunities, salaries, recruitment:

The different positions in a dredge operator’s career are Dredger, Dredge worker, Dredge mate, Dredge hand, Dredge master, Dredge captain or engineer and Dredge deckhand or level operator. A survey in 2005 showed that an exceptionally skilled dredge operator earns around $600 per day. But on an average, the annual salary a dredge operator earns ranges between $26,000 and $44,000. There are several recruiters for a dredge operator and every year the number of jobs keeps growing by about 90 more opportunities.