An excavation manager is responsible for directing a team of earth-moving professionals who digs the pipelines and other residential and non-residential constructions.

Day by day the construction businesses are becoming more complex and the needs for specialized managers are increasing for the same reason. This excavation manager is the one who takes the responsibility of removing plants from the commercial work site and digging the foundation and most importantly prevents the trenches from collapsing. A commercial excavation manager is responsible to oversee the excavation process and ensuring the safety of the whole crew.

How to become an Excavation Manager:

The Canadian Home Builders Association [CHBA] outlines many attributes of a successful excavation manager including good health, mechanical and math aptitude and most importantly the ability to meet deadlines. So if you want to become an excavation manager you should start with a training program which will help you to learn the job practically.

Excavation Managers career courses, training, programs:

Most excavation managers learn their job through different apprentice program and with the help of other on-the-job training base on the statistics of Bureau of Labor. For a successful excavation manager’s career one should have several skills like construction safety training, knowledge of survey measurements and a clean driving record.

Excavation Managers career schools/colleges, education:

A certification on OSHA regulations, soil analysis and on different safety protocols is necessary for excavation managers to start a career. These certifications help them to work more smoothly and to identify the key hazards.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

The University Of Montana

North Dakota State University

Iowa State University

University Of Michigan

New England Institute of Technology

Excavation Managers job opportunities, salaries, recruitment:

According the research of the U.S. Bureau of Labor, excavation manager’s employment demand will grow by 17% by 2018. The manager’s salary depends on the construction company he/she is working. The salary per year of an excavation manager was $71,500 in February 2011 as reported by