Career description

The job or career of a fashion stylist is one of the most ‘stylish’ careers one can find. The post of a fashion stylist is one which involves a lot of glamour and is apt for those people who have an eye for style and the latest fashion trends. These people work with photographers, makeup artists, models, designers and lighting technicians to bring out the best of the style from the fashion products. These individuals are hired by companies or also work for various different people on a contract basis.

How to become a fashion stylist

The major thing required to become a fashion stylist is a sense of style and loads of creativity. Any person with a background in fashion or a diploma course in fashion designing or merchandising can apply for the post.

The attributes which make a good fashion stylist are good interpersonal skills, expertise in oral communication, nice and pleasing personality and good overall presentation skills.

Fashion Stylist career courses, training, and programs

People interested in becoming fashion stylist must take up crash courses in fields related to fashion and style. Training programs are available in fashion houses where individuals can take up internships which prove to be helpful while applying for the post. Sometimes it is advisable to work under a fashion stylist as an assistant and then gradually apply for the position.

Fashion Stylist career schools/colleges, education

There are many schools and colleges which teach fashion styling and other related courses. The education provided here is directly related to the latest scenario of fashion in the market.

Top 5 colleges/universities

  • Southampton Solent University
  • California State university
  • New York university
  • North Dakota university

Fashion Stylist career job opportunities, pay/salaries

The job of a fashion stylist is one which is a hot favourite amongst youngsters these days. Thus competition is high and number of entries and limited. This post fetches around $50000 annually.