A fence erector is responsible for designing, building and installing fences. This is a laborious job profile, so all the people who get into this field make sure that they have a sturdy health and are able to bear heat, rain and cold weather. While some are engaged in just designing, some concentrate on installing the fence and some do both.

How to become a Fence Erector:

There are no certified courses for fence erection. You will learn while you are on the job. It is however necessary to have a working knowledge about the various material that are used on the job. You should also work on your mathematical skills and your communication skills.

Fence Erector career courses, training, programs:

There are no college courses or training programs that help you to become a fence erector. You must enjoy working outdoors, be able to take on heavy labor and have the knack to use various types of tools.

The American Fence Association (AFA) offers voluntary certification for manufacturers, suppliers, business owners, project managers, estimators, and internal office personnel. AFA promotes the professionalism, ethics, meeting product standards, and education and certification of its members. Candidates must have experience and meet training requirements, pass an examination and go through a peer review process, to qualify for certification.

Fence Erector career schools/colleges, education:

Since there are no schools and colleges for formal training on fence erection, people have to learn on the job and work as apprentice to gain experience. They need to work on their mathematics to be able to design the fences well.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

There are no universities that offer specialized fence erection courses. However, there are those schools that help you to hone your constructional abilities and these are as follows:

Houston Community College

Michigan State University

Northern Virginia Community College

College of Southern Nevada

Fence Erector job opportunities, salaries, recruitment:

The fence erectors can work with fence erection companies or with contractors. The annual income of fence erectors range between $20,000 and $47,000.