Finance careers


Financial management is the key to any successful establishment, be it a bank, a business or a corporation.  A career in Finance offers many opportunities and has always been in great demand.  The recent turbulence in thecapital marketshas created a great demand for people with the right qualification and experience to handle finances in most organizations.

A career in finance would basically mean the management of money orwealth management.  Afinance careeropens up many fields which would include banking, investment, financial planning, insurance, corporate finance and real estate, to name a few.

The minimumqualificationrequired to embark on a finance career is a bachelor’s degree in Finance or other related fields.

Finance Careers Types

Financial careers can lead you up to manytypesof fields, like banking, investment and credit.  These can help you to essaydifferent types of roles.  You can choose to be a Financial Analyst, a Personal Financial Advisor, Financial Manager, and even move on to be the CEO of a company.  You can also be a part of the money market and take on the role of aninvestororbrokerand deal with bonds, stocks and equities.

Financial work can be classified into two types, that which involvesbuyingand that which involvesselling.  The companies which have a lot of money to invest are theinstitutional investors.  They belong to the first category and would include mutual funds andhedge funds, insurance companies, money managers etc.  Those who are on the selling side are institutions like banks and security firms.

Finance Careers Information & Description

General qualities like motivation, enthusiasm, effective communication skills and inter-personal skills are important if you are looking at a career in finance.  You should be good with numbers, have an analytical bent of mind and think up out-of-the-box solutions for financial problems.

Good inter-personal skills are also important.  Theobjectiveof manyFinance jobsis helping people and companies make informed decisions, so you must be able to convey complex financial matters to non-financial listeners.

Finance is not an isolated field, as it is largely influenced by outside factors as well. It is crucial to have a broader outlook while holding a finance job.  It is vital to have business awareness and understand the finances of not only your firm but other competitive firms as well.  In this day, when global economy plays a major influence, a thorough knowledge and understanding of international finance is very important.

Generally a financial career would involve working standard business hours, but sometimes, depending on the role you have taken on, you may have to schedule meetings and appointments beyond working hours.