A financial broker career is a field where one has to perform a varied number of responsibilities like keeping in touch with the client to inform him about the prices of shares, the performance of the market, possibility of new trends, sell him new stocks and tell him when to sell old stocks and so on. He must keep himself up to date on every market fluctuations so that he can give information to the clients and act as a middleman in buying and selling of shares.

How to become a financial broker:

In order to become a financial broker you must have good communication and negotiation skills and should be knowledgeable about the share market. One also needs to have good analytical skills and an educational background in finance, business or economics so that he can get the right kind of training to work in this field.

Financial broker career courses, training, programs:

Although there are some financial brokers who do very well without any formal degree, if you want to be hired by big investment firms, it is better to get at least a bachelor’s degree in finance or business and take courses on math, economics etc. You will also have to get licensed by passing certain exams conducted by the National Association of Securities Dealers and the Uniform Investment Adviser Law Exam and Uniform Securities Agent State Law Exam.

Financial broker career schools/colleges, education:

Schools and colleges which provide online and campus education in the US in this field are as follows:

Top 4 colleges/universities:

University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)


University of Michigan

University of Notre Dame

Financial broker career job opportunities, salaries/pay and recruitment:

The job outlook in this field is good but don’t expect to get easy money soon. Beginners may earn as less as $24,000 in a year but with experience you can get over $100,000 a year.