A financial economist is one who undertakes the research and interpretation of financial economic data. The candidate performs many tasks such as preparing budget, forecast tax calculations, prepare revenue reports, provide expenditure estimations etc. The candidate is required to have good analytical and statistical skills to be able to perform well in this position. Besides having good organizing and communication skills is an added advantage.

How to Become a Financial Economist

It is important to pursue high school degree with social sciences subjects and obtain good grades from a reputed school in order to begin the path towards becoming a financial economist.

Subsequently acquiring a bachelor’s degree in related streams such as political sciences, social studies is necessary for the candidate to take up the path of financial economist profession. Even pursuing master’s degree in any of the related streams can be an added advantage for professional growth and higher positions.

Financial Economist Career Courses, Training, Programs

Beginning the educational qualifications with an undergraduate program with primary subjects such as social studies, statistics, political science, and financial economics is essential. The candidate can even choose a bachelor’s degree that provides specialization in financial economics which focuses on subjects such as macroeconomics and microeconomics. Such courses provide the necessary training in applied economic concepts that are most vital for the profession of a financial economist.

Financial Economist Career Schools/Colleges, Education

There are many reputed universities that offer courses and degrees specific to financial economy field which a candidate can pursue. These courses offer conceptual understanding of both economic theory and its practical application in the financial economy stream to help candidates get as much exposure to the economy as possible.

Top 4 Colleges/Universities

University of Chicago

Duke University

Ohio State University

University of South Carolina

Financial Economist Job Opportunities, Salaries/Pay

The average salary of a financial economist is in the range of $48,000 to $89,000 depending on the educational qualifications and practical experience acquired.