Career Description

The duty of identification, collection and analysis of evidence of crime samples from the place of crime is the job of a forensic science technician. There are many duties that a forensic science technician has to perform such as perform tests on evidence obtained from crime scene on hair, skin tissue or fibers etc. The technician makes use of mobile testing equipment or undertakes the testing at the laboratory depending on the kind of analysis that is necessary. Apart from these duties some forensic science technicians are also required to undertake analysis of handwriting, fingerprints, ballistics, DNA analysis etc depending on the job responsibilities assigned.

How to Become a Forensic Science Technician

The candidate who wants to become a forensic science technician should have a bachelor’s degree with subjects such as biology, chemistry or applied science. Candidates who want career advancement can pursue higher education such as a master’s degree in forensic science, criminal justice or criminal law for obtaining better employment opportunities.

Forensic Science Technician Career Courses, Training, Programs

A forensic science technician should acquire skills such as diligence, team management and work precision while undertaking formal education. Besides obtaining practical training during job training period helps the candidate to acquire knowledge on legal proceedings and on the hand laboratory experience as well. Candidates can also acquire two levels of certification from The American Board of Criminalistics namely fellow level and diplomat level.

Forensic Science Technician Career Schools/Colleges, Education

Many colleges and universities in US have specialized courses that focus on improving the overall knowledge and training for students in forensic science. The training provided in forensic science by these universities is one of the best and most acclaimed world over.

Top 5 Colleges/Universities

Ashford University

Strayer University

Brandman University

University of Phoenix

Kaplan University

Forensic Science Technician Career Job Opportunities, Salaries/Pay

The average salary of a forensic science technician is between $35,000 to $40,000 per annum.