Glaziers are the professionals who do the installation of glasses and metals for any construction related work. Installing and repairing shower glasses, window glasses, mirrors and metals are their key work. A Glazier can be a salaried employee of a renowned construction company or he/she can choose an individual career of their own as well.

How to become a Glazier:

As it is a job of fixing and repairing glasses, one needs to be professionally trained to do this work with perfection. For an untrained person, this profession can be a risky one as they are unaware of the nitty-gritty. Glaziers need to get their license to start their career first.

So you can go for the professional courses or else you can start with an assistant position of a glazier which will help you to get sufficient hands on training.

Glaziers Installing career courses, training, programs:

To get through a good construction company some related courses to this profession can add an extra value to your career, for instance the construction safety program offered by the renowned construction firms. These kinds of certificate programs can bring a reputed job opportunity for you.

Glaziers Installing career schools/colleges, education:

To get the opportunity to attend the apprenticeship programs offered by various construction firms can be a game changer for your career. These long term certificate programs help you to learn practically and at the same time they offer you good packages.

Different advanced certificate courses are also there to help you to learn the more you want.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

Emily Griffith Technical College

Mid Florida Tech

Ivy Tech Community College-Central Indiana

Glazier Apprenticeship, California


Glaziers job opportunities, salaries, recruitment:

This profession will grow way faster than the other professions within few more coming years according to a survey and research done by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Based on their study in 2011 the annual salary of a glazier was approx of $37,350.