Career Description

Gynecologist technician is required to monitor the female fetus and reproductive system’s images and prepare reports based on the images seen to share the same with the physicians. The job of a gynecologist technician is that of great responsibility. He needs to prepare the patients for sonography and also ensure that the equipments used to take the images are maintained properly.

How to become a Gynecologist Technician

In order to become a gynecologist technician one is required to pursue a relevant course from an accredited medical college. In order to acquire admission in such a course it is essential to attain good grades in high school. The candidate’s observational skills must be good; he should have an eye for detail. He must also have good communication skills and a sound knowledge about the use of ultrasound and sonography equipments.

Gynecologist Technician career courses, training, programs

Those aspiring to become gynecologist technicians must take up science during their high school. These candidates need to be trained in diagnostic medical sonography. It is also essential to attend training program in gynecological sonography. The subjects covered under the medical sonography course include physiology, patient care, anatomy, medical ethics and physics. You may go for a regular course and even opt for an online program.

Gynecologist Technician career schools/ colleges, education

There are a number of vocational schools that offer courses in diagnostic medical sonography. Many hospitals also have a provision for providing specialized training in this field. The admission to such a course work or training program is given on the basis of merit.

Top 5 colleges/ universities

  1. Ohio State University
  2. University of Florida
  3. University of Minnesota- Twin City
  4. Michigan State University
  5. University of South Florida

Gynecologist Technician job opportunities, salaries/ pay

There is a good enough demand for these professionals in the market. The average annual salary of a gynecologist technician is $42,000.