Career Description:

The higher education administration career involves the basic job of managing and supervising the institutions providing higher education. The career has been so designed to ensure proper administration in the premier institutes of the nation. It is generally the responsibility of a higher education administrator to evaluate the education standards of various institutes and design proper disciplinary measures and practices to provide the best curriculum, communicate among various organizations and official bodies, analyze and prepare the budget, thereby helping in an overall development of learning centers at all levels of education.

How to become a Higher Education Administrator:

The primary requirement for qualification as a higher education administrator is an appreciable high-school GPA and satisfactory score in the Graduate Record Exam [GRE]. Though a Bachelor’s degree is a basic educational requirement, most administrators are found to have done Master’s to keep their positions secured.

A higher education administrator, in today’s US educational background, should try to possess a doctoral degree such as PhD. Strong interpersonal skills, leadership abilities, team spirit are some of the personal attributes required for a higher education administrator, though the most important of all qualities is the ability to apply the theoretical knowledge in practical scenario.

Higher Education Administration career courses, training, programs:

After having enrolled in a higher education administration career course, the students are generally trained in specialized fields, with the basic aim targeted at preparing graduates who can effectively administer all higher education concepts, such as history of education, theories and practices, student evaluation and development skills, finance, personnel supervision, etc in actual practice.

It is extremely important to note that all candidates must opt for those particular higher education administration programs that ensure them genuine licensure and authentic certification.

Higher education administration career schools/colleges, education:

The various schools and colleges in US that provide education for pursuing a career in higher education administration have designed their curriculum in a manner that best suits all course requirements. All the important and essential topics are covered, with colleges providing ample opportunities for fieldwork and conducting apprenticeship programs for proper exposure to the job structure.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

  1. Walden University
  2. Grand Canyon University
  3. Northcentral University
  4. Georgia State University
  5. University of Northern Colorado

Higher Education administration job opportunities, salary/pay:

Generally, a higher education administrator earns a salary of $80,000 annually, though the pay scale is as wide as ranging from $45,000 to $1, 60,000, varying largely due to one’s educational qualifications and practical skills.