Hospitality careers

Hospitality career is one of the largest growing industries in the US today. The choice of job opportunities is great and you have the option of choosing a career path according to your aptitude and skills. There are a number of job openings for first-timers and young people looking for part-time or seasonal jobs.

You canbecome a part of the hospitality industryeven with no particular specialized degree.  No set qualifications are required for entry level positions in the service sector of the hotel industry.  However, certain jobs here require some certification.

A number oftypes of jobsare available here: from service-oriented jobs to customer-service jobs to maintenance and repair works jobs to managerial jobs.   Depending on your objective and outlook you can choose any field that suits your temperament.  With travel and tourism industry gaining momentum many new hotels and restaurants are opening up, providing a number of employment opportunities.

Many luxury-hotel chains have hotels with spas, golf clubs and ski resorts to attract the discerning traveler.  As gaming is no longer restricted to certain States, the number of casino hotels is also on the raise.  In the recent times, there has also been an increase in interest in holidays on cruise liners and resorts.  All these factors have ensured a definite raise in careers in the hospitality industry.

Generalinformationon hospitality careers can also be had fromThe International Council on Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Educationdirectly or from their official website,

Jobs in hospitality industry mainly entailworkingin shifts and variable schedules.  As hospitality services are expected round the clock, the employees are expected to adjust to erratic time schedules and long working hours sometimes. However, additional compensation is provided for the same.  If you are in the management or supervisory category then, you may get assigned regular shifts and schedules.

Chefs, cooks, waiters and people in housekeeping generally face higher levels of physical stress than those in front offices or customer care services.

The job-description in any sector in this industry has the motto of service with a smile.  If you are looking for a career in the hospitality industry, then, this must be followed at all times, despite the demanding and hectic nature of the jobs.