The world of a hotel cook is extremely challenging.  It calls for a lot of food preparation, especially when there are special functions such as weddings, parties, or events.  The hotel cook is also known as the head chef or executive chef.  His responsibilities include planning of the menu, pricing, developing recipes, purchasing and delegating tasks to the kitchen staff or other chefs.  He supervises food preparation and makes sure that they pass hotel standards.  He is also responsible for hiring, training and evaluating kitchen staff.  The hotel cook supervises special events and catering services.  He is to provide culinary instructions and techniques.  Communication, leadership and interpersonal skills are important skills that a hotel cook must have.

How to become a Hotel Cook

Working one’s way up to the position of a hotel cook takes lots of hard work and experience.  To start one’s career he must obtain a food handler’s permit by passing a food safety exam.  There are many vocational, cooking and culinary training programs available for one to jumpstart.  One aspiring to be a hotel cook must earn a degree in culinary arts.  A cook can get on-the-job training.  Once hired in a hotel, one will undergo a training program specially designed for hotel employees.  There are also apprenticeship programs available for a cook to gain more practical experience.  Being mentored by a chef will be advantageous to one seeking a high position in a kitchen.

Hotel Cook Courses, training, programs

Culinary courses include menu planning, knife techniques, international cuisine, kitchen equipments, food handling and safety and management theories.  A student will gain a good foundation in baking, cooking and food preparation.  He will be prepared to run hotel kitchen through the management skills one will acquire.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Institute of Culinary Education, New York

Texas Culinary Academy, Texas

California Culinary Academy-San Francisco, California

Culinary Institute at Hyde Park, New York

The School of Culinary Arts-Kendall College, Illinois

Hotel Cook Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

The hotel cook can fulfill his dream in various hotels.  One may be able to earn from $38,096 to $161,461 annually.



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