A hotel executive is one who works at the clerical level in a hotel with many administrative responsibilities. Some of the responsibilities that a hotel executive is required to fulfill are maintain guest records, update room availability in software, keep bills and invoices properly, ensure check-out and check-in details are properly updated and keep track of cash bills etc. The candidate should possess good articulation and math skills apart from a pleasing personality.

How to Become a Hotel Executive

A candidate looking forward to become a hotel executive must necessarily have a high school diploma with good grades.

Even though there is no requirement for any other educational qualification many reputed hotels prefer candidates with good typing skills and computer literacy. Therefore acquiring a diploma in basic computer applications is advisable.

Hotel Executive Career Courses, Training, Programs

While there are no certified training programs available for a hotel clerk, it is necessary that the candidate acquires sufficient practical experience in various clerical activities performed in a hotel.

The candidate obtains service and administrative skills during the association with a hotel as an intern for a minimum period of 18 months before being hired as a hotel executive. Acquiring a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management is an added advantage for obtaining career growth.

Hotel Executive Career Schools/Colleges, Education

There are many top rated universities in the US that provide bachelor’s degree in hospitality management. On acquiring a bachelor’s degree the candidate enhances the chances of better career prospects as it includes all the relevant practical activities that are carried out by a hotel executive.

Top 4 Colleges/Universities

American Center for career training

Berkeley City College

Central Missouri State University

Strayer University

Hotel Executive Job Opportunities, Salaries/Pay

The salary of a hotel executive varies according to the educational qualifications and on the job experience acquired in the hotel industry. The median salary for a hotel executive candidate is around $24,000 per annum.